June 24, 2014

Fantastical Series - Jackalope

If you haven't visited Colour Lovers, it's a great site showcasing various palettes, patterns and colors.  Love this site.  I've spent hours looking over numerous color palettes.  Don't know what I'll do with them but it doesn't hurt to have them.

 In my travels I came across a palette that reminded me of a strawberry with a bit of toxic-ness (is that a word...too late.  It is now.) and wanted to do SOMETHING with it.

I've also played around with doing something with another favorite past time of mine: fantastical creatures.  And I'm using this term broadly.  I love reading about things/creatures from around the world and I love seeing what various sites have to say about them.

I wanted to do a bunny creature.  Then a memory reared it's head.  Anyone remember the Jackalope from the original 'America's Funniest Home Videos' with Bob Saget? But I wanted something different.  Something colorful...

So I present to you, my Jackalope.

Who played with toxic strawberries.

This guy will be available in the store this weekend.

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