May 22, 2014

Hero of Cosplay

Anyone want to guess what show I'm looking forward too?

This is a modification of my Cosplay pattern.  It gave me the opportunity to try out a different color on the lettering and I like it!

This is done on 11 ct Aida cloth.  I'm working through my stash before I head to the store for Aida cloth refills.  In the end, it's about an 8' x 8' with 8 colors used.

Finished Hero of Cosplay Project
11 ct Aida Cloth
Grid Size: 58 w x 63 h
Design Area: 48 w x 53 h

Still debating on whether I'll be selling this pattern or keeping it to myself.

Decisions, decisions.

May 1, 2014

Disney Heroine: Leia

One day, while traversing this crazy thing called the Internet, I stumbled upon a site called The Mary Sue.  It's a fun little guide to girl geek culture.  Then I saw this:

Image © MikeVDesign

 A strange compulsion struck.  Next thing I know, my cross stitch program is open and I'm creating a pattern from it.  Then there was this thing involving a needle, some thread and Aida cloth.  In the end, this happened:

Completed Disney Heroine: Leia Project
18 ct Aida Cloth, 90w x 130h
Original Image © MikeVDesign
Pattern and Stitches © No Robot Studios 2013-2014
click to embiggen (is that a is now!)

My only concern is that I made her too fair and one of the skirt shadows is off a bit.  I was thinking of trying my hand at Tangled next but saw he had a Tinker Bell.  Basically, a coin toss may become involved in this fight.

Have some fun detail shots:

This is now the droid you are looking for...

click to embiggen

As Jabba learned, don't mess with Leia.

click to embiggen
Next project is either going to be a wedding thingy or something else geeky...still debating.