August 23, 2013

Lollipop Chainsaw Cross Stitch

This was an...interesting project.  First, I dislodged the idea from my brain.  Second, I manipulated virtual stitches until the idea and the screen match.  The hardest part was Juliet's Chainsaw.  I dug through a Google image search and a Lollipop Wiki to find two useful reference shots.  I ping ponged between both images.  Played the game.  Stared at the game case until my virtual stitches aligned with everything.

Once the chainsaw was done, it was about finding the perfect quote.  There.  Were.  So.  Many.  When I heard the rainbow one, then read the full quote...yeah.  Perfection from an amputated head.  Who knew?  I then added the skull found on the cover of the game with two lollipops.  The border was the last bit of this insane puzzle.  Everything I looked at didn't scream at me until I picked up a book at B&N.  There, hidden in the glossy pages, was the border.  It screamed at me.  Loudly.  The pattern was complete.  A celebratory happy dance was needed! 

I tried something new with this project: painted Aida cloth.  I didn't want a black background.  The dislodged idea was against a deep gray.  So, I bought some textile medium, white and black paint and started this fun little project.  

Originally, I wanted this to fit in a 5x7 frame on 22 count Aida cloth.  What a grand delusion that was.  Half way through my stitches, I hated (H.A.T.E.D) my work.  The delusion of having a small work was eating away at the details of Juliet's chainsaw.  I wanted to show off all those captured details.  So I did the most logical thing.  I scraped it.  Pulled out the 16 count Aida, painted it and restarted.  And now for a bit of a derail: somehow, when mixing the paint for a second coat (first coat left A LOT of white spaces) the color came out all glossy.  This didn't seem right so I checked my bottles.  Learn from my mistake: READ YOUR BOTTLE LABEL CARFEULLY.

It dried.  I laughed...a little.  Then grabbed my needle and thread and began to work.  Again.  Everything was going great.  The detail in the chainsaw was coming out as I original anticipated.  The colors were popping wonderfully against the grey.  The last step was the border.  Stitch by stitch it was getting done.  Everything was coming together.  It was looking awesome.

Until I reached for my 603 bobbin.  It was empty and I still had four hearts to go.  It was also 3am and I don't do Wal-Mart at 3am.  I laughed again, with a few tears of WTF.  In the morning I went to Wal-Mart, praying to Cthulhu that they had my color (the selection at my local Wal-Mart is a sad state).  Did another happy dance when I saw the color I needed.  I grabbed two things of floss and a frame, went home and completed my project.

And so, here be my completed project:
Finished Project!  WOOT!
16 Count Painted Aida, 173h x 120w, 10x13
Lollipop Chainsaw published by Kadokawa Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
Up-close of the heart border:
Close up of the heart border.  Backstitching! WHOOHOO!
Closer detail of the chainsaw:
It's all about Juliet's Chainsaw...and Rainbows.