June 24, 2014

Fantastical Series - Jackalope

If you haven't visited Colour Lovers, it's a great site showcasing various palettes, patterns and colors.  Love this site.  I've spent hours looking over numerous color palettes.  Don't know what I'll do with them but it doesn't hurt to have them.

 In my travels I came across a palette that reminded me of a strawberry with a bit of toxic-ness (is that a word...too late.  It is now.) and wanted to do SOMETHING with it.

I've also played around with doing something with another favorite past time of mine: fantastical creatures.  And I'm using this term broadly.  I love reading about things/creatures from around the world and I love seeing what various sites have to say about them.

I wanted to do a bunny creature.  Then a memory reared it's head.  Anyone remember the Jackalope from the original 'America's Funniest Home Videos' with Bob Saget? But I wanted something different.  Something colorful...

So I present to you, my Jackalope.

Who played with toxic strawberries.

This guy will be available in the store this weekend.

May 22, 2014

Hero of Cosplay

Anyone want to guess what show I'm looking forward too?

This is a modification of my Cosplay pattern.  It gave me the opportunity to try out a different color on the lettering and I like it!

This is done on 11 ct Aida cloth.  I'm working through my stash before I head to the store for Aida cloth refills.  In the end, it's about an 8' x 8' with 8 colors used.

Finished Hero of Cosplay Project
11 ct Aida Cloth
Grid Size: 58 w x 63 h
Design Area: 48 w x 53 h

Still debating on whether I'll be selling this pattern or keeping it to myself.

Decisions, decisions.

May 1, 2014

Disney Heroine: Leia

One day, while traversing this crazy thing called the Internet, I stumbled upon a site called The Mary Sue.  It's a fun little guide to girl geek culture.  Then I saw this:

Image © MikeVDesign

 A strange compulsion struck.  Next thing I know, my cross stitch program is open and I'm creating a pattern from it.  Then there was this thing involving a needle, some thread and Aida cloth.  In the end, this happened:

Completed Disney Heroine: Leia Project
18 ct Aida Cloth, 90w x 130h
Original Image © MikeVDesign
Pattern and Stitches © No Robot Studios 2013-2014
click to embiggen (is that a word...it is now!)

My only concern is that I made her too fair and one of the skirt shadows is off a bit.  I was thinking of trying my hand at Tangled next but saw he had a Tinker Bell.  Basically, a coin toss may become involved in this fight.

Have some fun detail shots:

This is now the droid you are looking for...

click to embiggen

As Jabba learned, don't mess with Leia.

click to embiggen
Next project is either going to be a wedding thingy or something else geeky...still debating.

March 28, 2014


Got around to stitching this up.  I'm a big fan of Cosplay and Cosplayers.  Love seeing the talents Cosplayers have with a sewing machine.  I'm thinking of doing something with the various foams and Worbla they use too.

Just waiting for the hamster to kick start the idea wheel.

I painted the 22 ct Aida cloth a medium dark grey as I felt it would make the blue pop out a little bit.  Even tried adding some shadows using a floss.  My only change would be to put all the lettering in the same coloring.  The white letters can get a little lost depending on the angle and don't read as nicely as the 'cosplay' does.

Will be available as a pattern soon.

Finished Cosplay Project
22 ct Painted Aida Cloth, 64w x 64h
© No Robot Studios 2013-2014

I framed this in a 4 in. x 4 in. picture frame with cute little skulls.

Thanks for visiting.