March 2, 2013

A New Challenger Approaches!

The first time I picked up a needle and thread I was stuck in a van, traveling down for a family wedding.  Cross-stitching in a moving vehicle is not recommended but it does make time pass fairly quick.

Fast forward about a week later.

I'm home with my completed work...I think it was a teddy bear holding a flower with a bee but don't quote me.  The bug didn't stick though.  There were not a lot of kits that I called out to me, begging me to buy them so they could be freed from the tyranny of their identical siblings.  The one ironic compliant back then was the selection in the store for kits(this has not changed and neither has the selection as I always spy familiar kits in the stores with a new shade of lipstick on.)

Fast forward a few years...perhaps a decade and I have another kit in my possession...sadly more influenced by friends at the time then passion, but I still have that kit and it doesn't care that it's in a cabinet, neglected and partially done.  It's happy to be off the shelf with that nagging sibling that compares her gold standard to the rest of the masses.

Press the fast forward button again (not so many years this time).  I've got more thread than I know what to do with and lets not talk about the bubbles; the wonderous thoughts that take over my brain and always when I'm working on something else.  If I could burst them with q-tips I'd be a happy girl but no.  They demand attention.

Attentive and responsive attention.

No shiny red ball will deter them from there speeding train through my thoughts.

And I won't complain.  I only wish they had come so many years earlier.

Sharing my passions, which include but are not limited to: movies and literature, comics (print and online), video games, crafty things and cross-stitch are a few of the things I'll share with you.

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